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【Number of people】: 2 Persons
【Job requirements】
Must have more than 2 years of work experience, skilled application of financial and office software, and those who have obtained junior accounting titles are preferred Salary 2600-3500 + welfare bonus

【Recruitment】Oversea Salesman
【Number】:3 Persons
【job requirements】
Contact relevant manufacturers to design and build for each exhibition. Strong communication skills, strong affinity and unlimited work experience are required. Work experience in investment and exhibitor recruitment is preferred. Basic salary 5000-7000 yuan + business commission + welfare bonus;Concrete admixtures industrial experience will be of priority.

【Recruitment position】Administrative front Staff
[Number]: 1 person
【Job requirements】
Female only Strong communication and understanding ability, good image and temperament. Proficient in using office software such as office. Work conscientiously, carefully and responsibly. Good image and temperament, salary 2600-3200 yuan + welfare bonus

【Recruitment】General Manager Assistant
[Number]: 1 person
【Job requirements】
Female only At least 3 years of relevant experience. Strong interpersonal communication skills, professional quality and professionalism. Teamwork spirit and strong sense of responsibility. Salary 5000-8000 yuan + welfare bonus.